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Jul 8, 2024

David Trainer, founder and president of New Constructs, was still in a festive Fourth of July mood, so instead of going to his usual spot in "The Danger Zone," he picked a quality, classic American business as a potential buy, singling out HF Sinclair, the oil company, for "The Attractive Zone." Between consistent growth in its dividend and stock buy-backs, Trainer says HF Sinclair could have a potential yield of 10 percent or more. Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst and Washington bureau chief at weighs in on Friday's jobs report and what some weakness in those numbers suggests for when the Federal Reserve will decide it's time to cut interest rates. William Vanderbloemen, founder and chief executive officer at Vanderbloemen Search Group, discusses the skills and traits that workers will want to bring to the job in a world where artificial intelligence is expected to take over a lot of tasks. In the Money Life Market Call, Rob Isbitts, co-founder and chief investment strategist at Sungarden Investment Publishing, talks about YARP, his "Yield at a Reasonable Price" strategy.