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May 30, 2023

David Trainer, president at New Constructs, says that the initial public offering for fast-casual restaurant chain Cava Group is another poster child for bad new issues, a 'rip-off' with 'the private equity holders hoping to get bailed out by unsuspecting public investors.' He compared Cava to WeWork, an IPO so troubled that it wound up being canceled; he's hoping the Cava deal suffers a similar fate. In the 'Find Me The Money' segment, forensic accountant Tracy Coenen discusses financial infidelity and the slippery slope that many people take in crossing the line from normal financial behaviors to troubling ones, Allison Hadley discusses a survey looking at the ways and the extents many parents are going to in order to support their adult children, and The Book Interview features author and comedian Jamie Loftus on her book 'RawDog: The Naked Truth About Hot Dogs," a look at both the meat-packing industry and some of the best hot-doig joints in America.