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Mar 28, 2022

David Trainer, founder and president of New Constructs, says that HubSpot is worth only about 15 percent of what its stock currently is trading for, and he's putting it in 'The Danger Zone' because it faces stiff competition in an industry that is being commoditized, leaving it littel room to grow profitably, let alone at the incredibly high valuation the market has given the stock for now. We've also got Mike Bailey of FBB Capital partners, back to discuss his new book 'Stop. Think. Invest: A Behavioral Finance Framework for Optimizing Investment Portfolios, plus Ken Mahonet of Mahoney Asset Management talks stocks and ETFs in the Market Call, and Chuck shares his thoughts and appreciation for Ned Johnson, the man who built Fidelity Investments from a family business to the world's largest and most influential financial-services firms.