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Apr 20, 2022

Chris Retzler, portfolio manager for the Needham Small Cap Growth Fund, says that current economic conditions impacting growth stocks have weighed particularly heavily on smaller companies, and he expects that pain to continue, worsening about a year out as the economy struggles to digest higher inflation and heightened interest rates. In the Market Call interview, Retzler notes that he expects that tough period to set up some strong buying opportunities that will pay off for long-term investors down the line. In the Big Interview, Rahul Sen Sharma, managing partner at Indxx -- which develops new indices for use measuring the investment world in different ways -- talks about how indexing is evolving, how it's possible to accurately capture something as complex as the Metaverse in a benchmark, and how individual indexes and other measures need to avoid falling into the trap of using a good methodology -- indexing -- but applying it poorly to the investment world. Also, Chuck answers a listener's question about whether debt payoff strategies change in a high-inflation, rising-rate environment.