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Jun 3, 2022

Laura Martin, equity analyst at Needham & Co., says that streaming technology companies saw their maturation curve speed up during the pandemic, with the fallout being current pricing pressures as consumers wise up to the various pricing models that best meet their needs. She also discusses ad-tech and big-tech stocks and U.S.-China trade tensions in a wide-ranging Big Interview. Also on the show, Max Wasserman, senior portfolio manager at Miramar Capital talks about how investors should deal with the current unknowns that have the market on edge right now, John Cole Scott of Closed-End Fund Advisors and the Active Investment Company Alliance identifies five "plain vanilla" closed-end funds that are using basic, simple strategies to present good value and opportunities now, and Doug Milnes, head of data analysis at discusses the site's recent survey showing how inflation has already had a significant impact on consumers' sumemr travel plans.