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Mar 29, 2019

Dan Kemp, chief investment officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Morningstar Investment Management, said investors should beware of vivid, attention-grabbing forecasts because the ingredients that get your attention are not necessarily the most valid when it comes to the market. He noted that boring forecasts about the future looking mostly like the past tend to be more accurate. Also on the show, Buck Klintworth of Chase Investment Counsel said he expects the stock market to be flat to slightly down during the summer before going on a run, meaning that any near-term pullbacks should be buying opportunities. Matt Hougan of Bitwise Investment Management discusses his recent research showing that most Bitcoin trading statistics are wildly fake, with 85 percent of reported trades not being real, and Ernie Cecilia of Bryn Mawr Trust Co. talks stocks and ETFs in the Market Call