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Jun 29, 2020

Michael Falk of Focus Consulting Group returns to the show for another intimate life and money discussion. Dealing with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, Falk explains why he doesn't think today's investors should be wasting time and money on bonds, noting that he won't buy any during the short time he has left but why younger, healthier people shouldn't buy them either. He also discusses how the pandemic and the advancing disease has, again, changed some of his priorities and his abilities to accomplish them. Also on the show, David Goodsell of the Natixis Investment Managers' Center for Investor Insight discusses his group's latest survey on investor attitudes, Mark Blyth discusses his new book, 'Angrynomics,' and the need for society to harness its anger to create change, and David Trainer talks about why a home-builder that the market thinks is headed for trouble is actually an attractive buy right now.