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Mar 15, 2023

Erik Weisman, chief economist at MFS Investments, says that the market has overreacted to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, pricing in the start of Federal Reserve rate cuts -- rather than the hikes it had been expecting -- as if the problems with the troubled bank was systemic and likely to take down a lot of institutions. While acknowledging that the situation muddies the outlook, Weisman says that he doesn't think history will remember the bank's collapse as the thing 'that precipitated the end of this expansion, the end of this tightening cycle and the next crisis.' Also on the show, Nick Nefouse, global head of multi-asset retirement solutions at BlackRock discusses how the changing economic environment and rising yields are impacting target-date and life-cycle strategies, and Ted Rossman of answers a listener's question about the pros and cons of accepting a credit-limit increase. Plus, Patrick Healey, president of Caliber Financial Partners talks stock investing in the Market Call.