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Sep 28, 2021

Erik Weisman, chief economist and portfolio manager at MFS Investments, says that if inflation were to run at 3 percent or more for all of next year, it would be a significant challenge for both stock and bond markets 'and there may not be that many safe places to hide,' but while he sees that potential danger, he believes that the beginning of 2022 is likely to be where inflation peaks near 5 percent and then settles down to levels that allow for continued growth. It will be slower growth for both the economy and the market, Weisman warns, but still positive. Also on the show, Eric Noe of discusses a survey about how roughly seven out of eight investors would like cryptocurrency made available in their retirement-savings plan, a discussion that may seem particularly ironic after Chuck opens the show with the tale of @MrGoxx, the cryptocurrency-trading hamster (no, he's not kidding); Chuck also takes a listener's question about automatic reinvestment plans for ETFs, and Chris Natividad, chief investment officer at Equbot talks about using artificial intelligence as a means of selecting stocks in the Market Call.