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Apr 30, 2021

Joe Quinlan, head of CIO market strategy for Merrill Lynch and Bank of America Private Bank, says that the market is in a sweet spot right now -- neither too hot nor cold -- but when inflation heats up and Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell tells the market his thoughts, 'that's when things will get dicier.' Quinlan doesn't expect the market to hit a wall, but he expects a 'true testing period' and says investors should prepare for that by diversifying, rebalancing, and being ready to buy when any setback or downturn occurs. Also on the ninth-anniversary edition of Money Life, Tom Dinsmore of the 50-year-old Bancroft Capital Fund talks convertible securities, James Otteson discusses his new book, 'The Seven Deadly Economic Sins,' and Clark Kendall of Kendall Capital Management covers the Biden Administration's infrastructure plan and how investors should react and respond to it.