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Oct 21, 2020

Financial author, blogger and podcaster Meb Faber, chief investment officer at the Cambria Funds, says in a wide-ranging interview that investors need to stay focused on the process -- costs, fees and asset allocation -- and ignore 2020's constant noise. He discusses the ways that people fear lions and sharks but that it's creatures you aren't scared of -- like mosquitos and other people -- that actually cause the most deaths; likewise, investors focus on the news and not the boring stuff that truly determines how well their portfolios will perform. Also on the show, David Ellison, manager of Hennessy Large-Cap Financial and Hennessy Small-Cap Financial discusses banking, fin-tech, electronic and digital payments and more, and Noland Langford of Left Brain Investment Research talks about Crowdstrike and Uber, two growth stocks that earned a green light recently from the firm's disciplined research process.