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May 13, 2022

Veteran technical analyst Martin Pring of Pring Research says the market is showing signs that the current bear market could be part of a larger, secular bear market. If indeed those long-term trends are bad -- so that the current downturn is part of a larger downtrend rather than a blip in the long-running bull market -- Pring says the current downturn will stick around for 12 to 18 months. Pring also notes that he believes the Bitcoin bubble has popped, though he's not expecting any kind of rebound until more damage has been done to the price of cryptocurrency. Everett Millman of Gainesville Coins -- mostly talking about precious metals investing -- also weighs in on Bitcoin, as does Big Interview guest Jim Masturzo of  Research Affiliates, who discusses how investors can and should use alternatives to make progress amid the market troubles. The show also features Bill Kelly, president of the CAIA Association, discussing how many investors place too much importance on having daily liquidity in the funds, without realizing that having short-term access -- which they typically don't use -- for investments they intend to hold for decades has a real cost.