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Jan 7, 2022

Tom McClellan, editor of the The McClellan Market Report, says that it's time for investors to 'change out of your tennis shoes and put on your track shoes' to deal with a market that is going to chop sideways this year, and turn 'horrible' next year. McClellan has told his subscribers to be out of the market now, as he expects a downturn over the first few months of 2022. The NAVigator segment features Robert Grunewald, chief executive officer at Flat Rock Global discussing how the interval-fund structure provides stability in a potentially volatile asset class like 'middle-market credits,' allowing investors to trade off some liquidity in pursuit of higher fixed-income returns. Also on the show, Chuck answers audience questions about saving versus paying down debt, and about the value of a found collection of old coins, and Helaine Olen of the Washington Post talks about the continued blurring of the lines between journalism and 'sponsored content,' and how hard it is to distinguish between the two at Fox Business and elsewhere.