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Aug 29, 2023

Katherine Krantz, chief executive officer at the Center for the Macro Specialist Designation, says she sees no indicator suggesting that 'This time is different,' meaning that elements like the inverted yield curve and the leading indicators -- which typically take 18 months before the conditions they exemplify hit the economy -- are only now starting to impact the economy. She doesn't like the looks of what is ahead. In the Talking Technicals segment, Michele Schneider of, says she is watching small-company stocks expecting them to be due for a rally as the market moves forward, with mega-cap momentum driven stocks suffering in volatile markets with little or no direction trends. Also on the show, Marci Stewart of Schwab Workplace Financial Services discusses the firm's 2023 401k Participant Study and, in the latest edition of 'Find Me The Money,' forensic accountant Tracy Coenen talks about the importance of a spending plan to keep the money problems at bay and to keep the money in plain sight.