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Dec 28, 2023

Veteran money-manager Louis Navellier, president of Navellier & Associates, says he hasn't seen "a real blow-out year since '99; I think we're overdue for one of those kind of years." He says that the market currently is grossly undervalued relative to interest rates and he says that small cap stocks could go up "100 percent or more," but he is also calling for a strong year for big stocks, oil and energy companies and he says the Magnificent Seven stocks are likely to keep rolling. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of VettaFi turns to small-cap -- but a specialized small-company fund that focuses on dividend payers while trying to mute volatility -- as his ETF of the Week, and James Royal discusses a recent survey showing that more than half of Americans sought out financial advice in 2023, though they didn't all turn to good sources to get it.