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Oct 1, 2021

Julius de Kempenaer, senior technical analyst at StockCharts, says that the long-term trend for the stock market and for nearly every sector still looks strong, but he says the relationship between stocks and bonds needs fixing, which is why he expects a technical correction to give the market some time to breathe and digest the action of the last two years. De Kempenaer expects limited upside potential for a while, but says the downside could be a long slow sideways move or a steeper-but-shorter downturn. Also on the show, Bryce Doty of Sit Investment Associates says that a diversified portfolio of closed-end funds can make it possible to safely stretch for more yield, financial planner and blogger Jessica Weaver discusses how wasted time may actually be the biggest  money loser for most people, and Gerry Frigon of Taylor Frigon Capital Management talks growth stocks in the Market Call.