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Apr 22, 2020

Andrew Beer of the iM DBi Hedge Strategy and the iM DBI Managed Futures Strategy ETFs, says that the long-lasting impacts from the global coronavirus shutdown will hit different areas, sectors, industries and countries in very different ways as recovery begins. While investors are right to be expecting trouble, Beer says that the fallout -- particularly if resources get scarce and fights for them become acute -- could create 'an enormous amount of volatility,' which also will create tremendous opportunities. Also on the show, Steve Resch of Finance of America Reverse discusses reverse mortgages and how they could become an increasingly important tool for retirees and near-retirees during any prolonged downturn, Health Silverman of who  covers his site's survey of real estate investment trends, and Greg Hammer of Hammer Financial Group, who gives a quick take on the tax-law changes created during the crisis and what consumers should know about them.