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May 9, 2022

John Bonnanzio, editor at Fidelity Monitor & Insight, says investors need to be as cautious as possible right now, focusing in on their investment time horizon so that they can ride out the potential downturns on the table in the short- and intermediate-term as the market sorts out the high-inflationary environment. Bonnanzio notes that investors with long time frames may want to consider how some of Fidelity's biggest-name large-cap funds are already in bear market territory, which actually has them priced relatively cheap and poised for a profitable bounce-back once the market sorts current conditions out. Also ont he show, David Trainer of New Constructs puts two stocks in the same industry - Equinix and Digital Realty Trust -- into the Danger Zone, and Larry Swedroe of Buckingham Wealth Partners discusses his latest book, "Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing."