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Oct 27, 2023

Adam Hetts, global head of multi-asset at Janus Henderson Investors, says the economy is somewhere between a soft and hard landing, but that anyone expecting a mild recession should watch for it to last about nine months, but with the market bottoming out typically a few months before the recession ends, investors will want to stay the course through the bear market trough, rather than moving into cash to get the high current yields and play defense. With lower expected stock returns and improved bond returns, Hetts says riding out a balanced portfolio should provide both safety and growth potential. Also on the show, Cheryl Pate of the Angel Oak Financial Strategies Income Term Trust says the banking industry's wild ride since the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in March has created a strong opportunity for bank debt to outperform moving forward, Natalie Trevithick of Payden and Rygel discusses the investment-grade corporate bond market ad when investors will want to start pursuing longer-duration bonds, and Buck Klintworth of Chase Investment Counsel talks technical analysis and what it means that the Nasdaq technically moved into correction territory on Thursday.