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Nov 5, 2019

Kirshna Memani, vice chairman of investments at Invesco, says that the market is setting up for a good year in 2020 based on three key factors, namely the recent Fed rate cuts and the central bank's indication that it won't reverse course soon, the likely resolution of international trade issues, and a re-acceleration of global economic growth. If those events happen as expected, Memani -- who believes the economy can go several more years without a recession -- said 2020 has strong potential for both domestic and international markets. Also on the show, Chris Oberbeck of Saratoga Investment Corp. discusses business-development companies, a unique type of closed-end fund investment, Ted Rossman of chats about the dangers of using retailers' store cards, and author Keisha Blair discusses 'Holistic Wealth' and how people can change their approach to money to reduce stress, improve their finances and be happier.