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Dec 27, 2023

Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco, says there will be some damage to the economy -- worse than a soft landing -- but she thinks the economy can put off recession until at least 2025. Hooper says the new year should be an improving year for consumers with real wage growth rising as the disinflationary process continues; she thinks that improvement will cause an increase in spending, with the trigger being interest-rate cuts which she expects to start in the second quarter. Also on the show, Dan Griffith, director of wealth strategy at Huntington Private Bank, taks about the "tax sunset" and how investors and consumers want to start thinking now about rules that are changing at the end of 2024, because there will be a segment of the population -- particularly the wealthy -- who will pay a penalty if they are caught unaware of how rules will revert to past standards barring action from Congress. Plus Chuck talks about the systems he has used for setting annual goals and how it is better to set goals than make resolutions if you want to make real change in your life in the year ahead.