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Nov 4, 2020

Jeffrey Miller, portfolio manager at Incline Investment Advisors, says in the Money Life Market Call that the current economic recovery has been 'overstated,' leaving a division between the stocks that work now and those that will be good to own after the recession. That recession, however, is something that Miller believes we have not emerged from, that it's the same downturn that started before the pandemic hit, triggering the market's fall in February and March. He expects a bounce-back for the market as the economy recovers. Also on the show, Janice Quek of Left Brain Investment research discusses why investors want to add Southeast Asia to their portfolio and covers one emerging-markets stock that she thinks is particularly promising now, Bill Costello of the Westwood Funds talks about energy and utility companies now, and Chuck takes an audience-member's question about the tax-efficiency of exchange-traded funds.