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May 11, 2023

Chris Zaccarelli, chief investment officer for the Independent Advisor Alliance, says the resilience of the economy has been surprising, staving off recession longer than he expected and allowing the market to fight off headwinds that still seem poised to create a recession, whether it comes late this year or into 2024. Zaccarelli does say the economy's strength will put the Federal Reserve in a tough spot, having to decide if it needs to increase rates again, and potentially pushing the eventual recession into a hard landing for the market. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of VettaFi makes his 'ETF of the Week' an agriculture strategy fund powered by artificial intelligence, Matt Brannon of Clever Real Estate discusses a survey of home renters who say at alarmingly high rates that they have been priced out of the American Dream of home ownership, and Peter Crane, president of Crane Data, discusses money-market funds and their suddenly competitive yields and how they will hold up in a world looking at banking crisis and possible government default.