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Mar 30, 2022

There is nothing about inflation hitting its highest levels in 40 years that makes anyone feel good, but Chuck looks beyond the big number to talk about the actual impact that higher prices are having on people, and concludes by noting that the costs and the choices inflation is creating are uncomfortable but manageable. As a result, while he understands the grumbles -- saying he complains himself every time he fills up his gas tank -- his bigger message remains that 'Higher inflation is not going to break you.' Also on the show, Marketwatch columnist Brett Arends discusses the fallout from Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy calling Warren Buffett 'washed up,' a call that looks particularly foolish given the time since when Warren Buffett's personal fortune roughly doubled to over $100 billion in short order. Mark Hamirck of discusses his site's latest survey of workers and their outlook on jobs and working conditions, and Jillian DelSignore of FLX Networks discusses the evolution of the ETF business and the trend of traditional mutual funds converting to the exchange-traded fund structure.