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Oct 10, 2022

Kevin Mahn, president and chief investment officer at Hennion & Walsh, says investors should be deciding their current course based mostly on their reactions to current conditions. He believes that the worst is behind us in terms of the pullback in stocks, record-setting inflation and the hawkishness of the Federal Reserve, which has him expecting better days ahead and positioning to take advantage of them, but he notes that investors who disagree  and who are still uncomfortable and losing sleep at night should own up to their risk tolerance and be building in more downside protection to their portfolio now. One group that does not necessarily agree with Mahn's optimism is the National Association for Business Economics, which today released its October 2022 Economic Outlook Survey; Ken Simonson starts today's interviews talking about just how pessimistic the economists are and how bad they foresee conditions getting in the recession that most of them foresee for the end of the year and the start of 2023. Also on the show, David Trainer of New Constructs puts Twitter and Netflix in The Danger Zone, noting that the two big name companies are showing street estimates that he considers out-of-whack with reality, making them likely to suffer an earnings miss when quarterly numbers come out soon and, in the Market Call, Christopher Zook of CAZ Investments discusses thematic investing and finding growth at a reasonable price now.