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Sep 9, 2020

Harry Dent Jr. of Dent Research, editor of the "Economy and Markets' newsletter, says he believes the worst crash of our lifetime started in February and that it will last to the end of 2022, driven by the Federal Reserve Bank 'losing control' early in 2021. He notes that the only markets that have returned to record highs are measured by the biggest domestic indexes, with every other measure below record highs and not ready to re-touch them soon. 'We really peaked in February, we had this first crash and [the Fed] stimulated their way out of that," Dent says, 'but each stimulus has to be stronger and I think they lose control ... in the first or second quarter of next year, just when most economists, most politicians, most business people and everyone I know thinks we will finally beat the virus and come out of it.' Also on the show, author Juliet Schor discusses her latest book, 'After the Gig: How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back,' and Eric Shoenstein, lead portfolio manager for the Jensen Quality Growth fund (JENSX) taks stocks in the Market Call.