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May 3, 2021

Stan Haithcock -- better known as 'Stan the Annuity Man' -- joins Chuck to help savers and investors understand where annuities fit into an investment program at a time when many people are scared about how far the market could fall from record highs. haithcock -- who has been described as 'the walking middle finger of truth for the annuities industry' -- gives his fundamental lessons that allow consumers to decide if an annuity is a good and necessary savings tool for their individual situation. Also on the show, Ted Rossman discusses a study on what event-goers are doing -- or not doing -- when it comes to concert, sports and other tickets as pandemic restrictions ease, Kyle Guske of New Constructs has another meme stock whose fans are ignoring fundamentals for the 'Danger Zone' and Stephen Dodson of the Bretton Fund talks value investing in the Market Call.