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Jun 16, 2023

Chris Marangi, co-chief investment officer for value at the Gabelli Funds, says the market is starting to focus on growth and the Federal Reserve's ability to delay and minimize recession, and he believes the central bank will get the job done. Marangi says in The NAVigator segment that 'the new normal' is one where inflation is higher than the Federal Reserve's target of 2 percent and growth is below trend, which he expects will create opportunities far beyond the handful of stocks that have driven market gains this year. Eric Gerster of AlphaCore Wealth Advisory says in the Talking Technicals segment that the range-bound market has been moving the range higher, and is likely to keep headed that way for the remainder of the year, Masa Takeda of the Hennessy Japan Fund discusses the expanding growth opportunities in the world's third-largest economy in The Big interview, and John Barr of the Needham Funds talks growth investing in the Market Call.