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May 8, 2023

Absolute-value investor Brian Frank of the Frank Value Fund says that with cash now paying close to 5 percent, it's 'gotten a lot easier to go to cash,' but it also has raised the bar on stocks and for how investors should set their expectations. 'If you don't think you're going to be making more than 5 percent on a stock,' Frank says in the Market Call, 'why are you buying it if cash is paying you [5 percent] now?' Also on the show, Lewis Black, chief executive officer at Almonty Industries, talks about the market for tungsten and how the metal has the potential to be the cause of tough economic conditions and geopolitical football; David Trainer of New Constructs puts Kenvue -- the spin-off of Johnson and Johnson consumer brands -- in the Danger Zone in its first few days after going IPO, and Chuck answers a listener's question that goes to the heart of Brian Frank's discussion on going to cash, about whether cash returns are so good right now that a nervous investor might use bank accounts to ride out whatever the market dishes out next.