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Jul 31, 2019

Michael Gayed of the Lead-Lag Report said that the market's reaction to today's anticipated Federal Reserve rate cut could show how long the bull market can continue. He noted that if the Fed steps in but there is no steepening of the yield curve, it's a problem because central-bank actions -- both domestically and abroad -- are not going to normalize long-term bond yields. That's a sign that the bull market is not healthy, Gayed said. Likewise, in the Market Call, Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management noted that he is looking to get into the few market areas that are on sale and unloved, and he noted in 'Hold It or Fold It' that he would be leaving momentum in favor of a bear-market fund because of his concerns for the market's health. Also on the show, Michael Policar and Jimmy Hausberg of HighTower Advisors discuss a case of a consumer looking to make an allocation change because the market's health makes them nervous, and Jill Gonzalez of WalletHub talks about how consumers should react to the Capital One data breach.