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May 12, 2022

Tom Lydon, chief executive at, says that with inflation entrenched in the economy right now and not looking like it will go away for several years, investors need to take steps to deal with the impact that global-supply chain issues and more are having on their investment holdings. To that end, he made the VanEck Inflation Allocation fund his "ETF of the Week," noting that the real-asset strategy will diversify a portfolio by going beyond just using gold as an inflation hedge, mixing in commodities and other real assets that won't be so in-synch with the market. Also talking about exchange-traded funds, Dodd Kittsley, national director for Davis Advisors, discusses the evolution of active ETFs and whether investors should expect active strategies to outperform the passive in today's hyper-sensitive market. Danetha Doe, economist for Clever Real Estate, talks about a survey of college students showing that they are wildly inaccurate in the earnings they project for themselves once they graduate and join the real world, and Chuck answers questions from the audience spurred by the market's downturn in 2022.