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Jan 12, 2021

Avi Gilburt, founder of Elliott Wave Trader, says that nervous investors should turn off the news, look at technicals and Elliott Wave analysis and join him in thinking the market's next move will be to 4,600 on the Standard and Poor's 500, a gain of more than 20 percent from current levels. But Gilburt goes further to say that he thinks the market will get to 6,000 before the current cycle ends, though it may not be until 2022 or '23 before it goes that far. Also on the show, University of Virginia business professor Gregory Fairchild, author of 'Domestic Emerging Markets," Matt Zajechowski of Digital Third Coast discussing a survey showing that a surprising number of Americans spent less money than expected in 2020, plus Chuck Carlson of the DRIP Investor newsletter talking about removing the emotion from investing during the Market Call.