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Apr 25, 2022

Economists -- as judged by the latest Business Conditions Survey released today by the National Association for Business Economics -- do not see inflationary pressures subsiding immediately but they believe the damaging impact to the market of high inflation, rising interest rates and global supply-chain issues will stop short of creating a recession in the United States. Economist Lester Jones discusses the survey results, and the prospects for the domestic economy while inflation and war persist. Jason Hsu, chief investment officer at Rayliant Global Advisors, says that the China market is tenuous right now -- with the country dealing with a continuing Covid crisis and also trying to be neutral in the Ukraine War -- but also poised to be a good opportunity for active investors now. Also on the show, Kyle Guske of New Constructs gives us new reasons to dislike Gamestop and Carvana, as he puts them back into the Danger Zone, and Chuck Carlson of Horizon Investment Services -- editor of The DRIP Investor newsletter -- talks stocks in the Market Call.