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Oct 20, 2021

Marshall Stocker, co-director of the emerging market team for Eaton Vance Management, says that in the face of global inflation and a waning pandemic, emerging markets countries are addressing issues in a more conventional or orthodox manner than developed countries, which he sees as bullish as it should help those countries to sidestep the fallout from a decade of zero-rate policies from the last decade. It has emerging markets, Stocker says, looking much more like a traditional asset class and less like a volatile new frontier than ever before. In another Big Interview, Gregg Fisher, portfolio manager, Quent Capital discusses global small-cap investing and the growing opportunities he sees in nascent companies. There are also two different surveys discussed on today's show, first with Eric Wagatha, head of consumer life for GfK discussing how Americans are putting off major life decisions post-pandemic, and then with Michelle Delgado of Clever Real Estate on how the housing market is so hot that even haunted houses are moving, and how homebuyers find a lot of things to be more frightening than ghosts.