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Oct 14, 2020

Retail specialist Dana Telsey of the Telsey Advisory Group says that the pandemic accelerated all of the big changes that were facing retailers and accelerated them, and while the result has been bankruptcies, consolidations and more -- and we won't be out of the woods until there's a stimulus package that boosts consumers -- there also are clear signs of how retail will survive and how the future for stores, malls and Internet offerings will look different. In another Big Interview, Lindsey Bell, chief investment strategist at Ally Invest, says that the market and economy are moving in the right direction -- generally in the direction of the 'old normal' -- but that it has been making that trip slowly and the pace likely won't pick up without resolution of stimulus efforts, a vaccine and more. Also, Brian Dress, director of research at Left Brain Investment Research, discusses the process that blends science with art to come up with names like Beyond Meat, a hot stock that he says still has major growth potential, and Ted Rossman of talks about the high costs of retail-store credit cards and how they may not be the bargain they're made out to be based on check-out line discount promises.