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Nov 15, 2021

Lou Harvey, president and chief executive officer at DALBAR Inc., says that investors can get unbiased advice that's in their best interest from the many new online 'robo advisor' platforms, but the trade-off is that the quality of advice is lower than hiring a human adviser. In the firm's most recent 'Best Interest Analysis,' DALBAR found significant issues with traditional advisers failing to work in the best interest of the client, a discrepancy he said is largely stemming from regulations which don't require all types of advisers to work to a fiduciary standard. Also on the show, David Trainer of New Constructs puts 'salad company' Sweet Green in the Danger Zone, saying that the IPO is nearly worthless despite being highly valued out of the box; Brian Hamilton of One discusses the financial stresses Americans are already worrying about for the upcoming holidays, and Eric Marshall of the Hodges Funds talks stocks in the Market Call.