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Jul 26, 2023

Brian Price, head of investment management at Commonwealth Financial Network, says it's hard to make a case for risk assets like stocks to move much in either direction and the mixed signals extend to the economy, which he believes will avoid the extreme moves in either direction. As a result, he discounts the potential for an economic hard landing -- despite expecting below-average economic growth -- despite expecting lackluster performance as current conditions play out into next year. Similar sentiments were expressed by Thomas Winmill, manager of the Midas Fund, who notes that gold has been a better hedge for inflation of late than it was at the start of the interest rate-hike cycle, but who notes that the real potential in precious metals moving forward will be more about total return of the asset compared to stocks. Winmill, who also manages Dividend and Income Fund, says he expects a coming downturn to strengthen the many buys he currently sees for investors willing to look past the few stocks that have led the current rally. Also on the show, Jill Gonzalez discusses WalletHub's analysis that a small Federal Reserve rate hike will directly cost Americans billions of dollars in extra interest charges, Lester Jones talks the latest business conditions survey out this week from the National Association for Business Economics -- which shows surprising optimism among economists -- and Chuck answers a listener's question about investing for income.