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Feb 14, 2020

Brian Beitner, portfolio manager of Chautauqua International Growth and Chautauqua Global Growth, says that the market and the global economy are in a delicate condition, which raises fears of how an event like coronavirus could create a downturn. Beitner says he thinks the virus situation is transitory and that the market recognizes that it's not going to crash the market or create once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunities in China and emerging markets; he recommends finding stocks with 'durable stories' to get through choppy, volatile markets. Separately, William Delwiche of Baird says the current rally remains healthy from a technical standpoint, noting that so long as market breadth is strong, investors should not fight the trend. Also on the show, Tony Huang of Advent Convertible and Income Fund talks convertible and closed-end fund investing in The NAVigator, and Garvin Jabusch of Green Alpha Advisors covers stock investments with a social point of view in the Market Call.