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Jul 9, 2024

Sam Stovall, chief market strategist for CFRA Research, says the market needs to "digest its gains," which he expects to turn into a "low teens selloff," but that will be a bull  market correction and not a catastrophic event like the 2008 financial crisis. Stovall expects the Federal Reserve to  make cuts starting in September, but he notes that the central bank is going to wait until it absolutely must make a move rather than making any change simply because the market is anticipating one, and he notes that could portend trouble because the Fed has historically waited too long before acting. Also on the show -- and agreeing with the idea that the market is strong but due for a selloff is Jeffrey Bierman, chief market technician at, and the founder of He says the market is driven by "the 4 N’s," which involve a market that is numb to all news, neutralized against all volatility, that has normalized inflation and momentum trading and that has "negated all valuation." That has set up a market that can keep going despite an economy that is slowing. Plus, Chip Lupo discusses WalletHub's 2024 Credit Card Debt Survey, which showed that credit-card balances are on the rise and that nearly half of Americans are still paying down the credit card bills they ran up last summer, which does not bode well for how things will look for their credit when Labor Day rolls around.