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Sep 23, 2022

Abhay Deshpande, founder and chief investment officer at Centerstone Investors, says that international stocks are already looking like good values but are likely to be priced even better with another drop from here, but it is creating "a dream scenario for anyone who has a three- to five-year time horizon," so while he sees the proverbial blood running in the streets globally, he thinks investors are "in that zone" where they should allocate more internationally to get the best prices now. Investors generally are feeling like the blood is running in the streets, which is why investor optimism is at its lowest levels since March 2009; Charles Rotblut of the American Association of Individual Investors gives the high level of pessimism some context, and Toni Turner of Trendstar reflects on the market's technicals and ponders what might happen if June's lows don't hold up from here. Plus, Mark Scalzo of the newly listed Destra Multi-Alternative Fund discusses alternative investing and his fund's massive discount and, in the Market Call, Martin Leclerc of Barrack Yard Advisors talks about stocks and holding fast to investment beliefs during volatile times.