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Nov 16, 2021

Brian Barish, president and chief investment officer at Cambiar Investors, says that the Chinese government is changing the global investment picture and has him concerned about investing there, noting that investors can prosper from the growth of China's economy without facing the fire directly. Barish also notes that current financial conditions in the United States are 'generous,' leaving them mostly one way to go from here, making it that investors should think about protecting profits and lower expectations. By comparison, veteran technical analyst Martin Pring says that his long-term indicators show an economy that is nowhere close to a recession, despite dangerously high inflation rates, noting that his preferred market indicators mostly show room to run before a downturn or recession. Also on the show, Michelle Delgado discusses recent research from Clever Real Estate showing a growing disconnect between Americans' income and home prices, making houses hard to afford than ever before, and author Tanja Hester talks about 'Wallet Activism,' and how Americans can change their habits and their patterns to help themselves -- and society -- get the most out of every dollar they earn and spend.