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Oct 27, 2022

Matt Freund, co-chief investment officer at Calamos Investments, says that the market has taken the pain of higher rates but is watching that work its way through the economy and corporate earnings while facing wildcards like Covid-19, war in Ukraine and more that could extend current troubles. Still, despite an "epically bad" start to the year for the bond market -- coupled with hard times in equities -- Freund says that it is "not a foregone conclusion" that what lies ahead is a crash, and he expects the downturn to pass from here with a more limited amount of financial pain. Also on the show, Tom Lydon, vice-chairman at VettaFi, focuses on free cash-flow and quality domestic companies with his pick for "ETF of the Week," and Michael Campagna, senior investment analyst at Moerus Capital Management returns to the Market Call to discuss deep-value investing and just how messy he is willing to get in a market where the global valuation picture has been changing rapidly.