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Jan 8, 2020

Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist at RCM, notes that tensions in the Middle East and how they affect the oil industry and the economy are worth watching, but says that the economy is different from the oil tensions of the 1970s, and is better prepared to deal with the turmoil than in the past. He expects moderate economic growth in 2020, although he notes that Boeing is the most important manufacturing company to the economy and that its recent problems will shave significant growth off the economy in the short term. Also on the show, Russel Kinnel of Morningstar discusses the latest 'Mind the Gap' study showing that investors are doing better relative to the performance of their funds than in the past, Howard Silverblatt discusses dividend results for the Standard and Poor's 500 in 2019, and we revisit a recent chat with David Bahnsen of HighTower Advisors on the intersection of politics and personal finance.