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Jul 29, 2020

Patrick O'Hare, chief market analyst at, says that the stock market is so optimistic right now because there is nothing to disprove the positive premise yet, with low interest rates and the promise of economic growth from a rebound fueling historically high valuations at least for now. Yet if there is no vaccine for coronavirus soon and if the economy rebounds more slowly than expected, O'Hare expects a difficult market, and notes that many investors will ride out the uncertain periods in the megacap stocks -- the biggest names that have been the primary drivers in the rebound from March lows -- because they have 'survivorship status,' having grown so large that they will survive whatever the economy and market can dish out. Also on the show, Bill Perkins, author of 'Die With Zero,' who talks about making the most of your money and your life, and William Smead of the Smead Value Fund, who discusses in the Market Call how current conditions are helping long-term investors buy great companies and disrupted prices.