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Aug 30, 2023

Michael Mullaney, director of global markets research at Boston Partners, says the bond market and Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell 'are like two ships passing in the night,' with the bond market expecting the central bank chairman to cut rates sooner than he might want to, but if Powell raises rates or keeps them higher for longer, it will have a big negative impact on the market. Mullaney may not like the domestic markets particularly well, but he continues to considerit 'the best house in a bad neighborhood,' noting that other economies -- particularly Europe -- are facing bigger struggles right now. Also on the show, Deb Boyden of Schroders discusses the firm's annual retirement survey, which showed that just 10 percent of non-retirees plan to wait to age 70 before claiming Social Security benefits, meaning they will not max out their payouts because they want to start receiving cash sooner; plus, Chuck answers a listener question about dollar-cost averaging, and Ed Shill of Wealth Enhancement Group brings his balanced approach to the Market Call.