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Dec 21, 2023

Legendary bond fund manager Dan Fuss -- the vice chairman at Loomis Sayles & Co. -- says that while the Federal Reserve was "caught and delayed" in responding to inflation, he gives them "a whole lot of credit" for pulling the economy out of the doldrums while avoiding a crash, noting that this central bank's performance is among the most impressive for any central bank he has watched in his 60-plus year career. Fuss says the market is "fund, it is one of the most impressive accomplishments he has seen from the central bankers. Fuss expects the yield curve the return to normal, but he says long rates will not come down as much as investors might expect. He remains positive on U.S. markets, though he says stocks look pricy and the bond market is fundamentally solid, albeit thinner than it has been due to higher rates, a situation he expects to change once the Fed begins cutting rates in 2024. Also on the show, Chuck answers a listener's question on the state of 60-40 portfolios today; it's a follow-up question from an answer Chuck gave the same listener in April of 2021, at a point when investors were giving up on balanced portfolios ahead of changes int he rate cycle that have snice made the fixed-income portion of a mixed portfolio look much better. In the Market Call, Brian James, director of investments at Ullmann Wealth Partners, makes his debut talking funds and ETFs