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Jan 13, 2022

Axel Merk, founder and president at Merk Investments and the Merk Funds, says he is currently underweight equities because of concerns of everything that could go wrong in the short run. He's watching interest rates, inflation, the pandemic, international and domestic politics and more and while he says long-term investors can rideo ut these concerns, anyone who needs to access their money in the next two years should be concerned. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of makes a fund putting a different twist on a 'Dogs of the Dow' strategy his 'ETF of the Week,' Kate Hao, chief executive at Happy Mango discusses the fallout from Bank of America's announcement that it will join other large institutions in eliminating overdraft fees and the impact these changes will have on banking and, more broadly, society, and Chuck discusses how to deal with the five economic and financial conditions that have been mentioned the most by experts giving their outlooks for 2022.