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Dec 3, 2019

Jason Thomas, chief economist at AssetMark, said that investors are too concerned with current events and the upcoming election when they should be focus instead on the earnings power of big companies, which he said will continue to drive the market for the foreseeable future. Thomas said that while investors have reasons for their personal concerns around news, they should tune out the noise to focus on the strong earnings picture. Similarly, two very different technical analysts -- Adam Grimes of Talon Advisors and Lawrence McMillan of McMillan Analysis -- came to similar conclusions, namely that the market could be headed for a technical blow-out but both suggested that the warning signs are still hard to see and said they would wait until they see a downturn as imminent before changing their investment strategy to something more defensive. Finally, Chuck Carlson of Horizon Investment Services and the DRIP Investor talked stocks in the Market Call.