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Nov 21, 2022

Brian Overby, senior markets strategist at Ally, says that the market is in a good place to have a Santa Claus rally into the end of the year, boosted by the strong consumer, but he noted that good news could carry into 2023 with an economy that could actually pull off a soft landing so long as employment, inflation and spending numbers stay where expected and continue current trends. Overby noted that while current conditions are rocky, it makes for a selective buying opportunity while waiting for the Federal Reserve to show its cards for the new year. Also on the show, Marc Zeitoun of Columbia Threadneedle discusses a survey showing that advisers and investors are looking for more flexible strategies to get by in rough markets, David Trainer of New Constructs puts a low-priced maker of oat milk and similar products in "The Danger Zone" and, in the Market Call, Bernie Horn, manager of the Polaris Global Value Fund talks about buying stocks in the messy market conditions currently being experienced around the world.