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Sep 29, 2022

Long-time investment writer John Waggoner, the financial editor for, says that investors aren't seeing the proverbial "blood running in the streets" despite the stock market's recent downturn, so it's not a simple "buy the dips, ride it out" market. Instead, it's a balance of holding more cash and deploying it selectively, while also considering ways to reduce the long-term impact that current conditions can have on a retirement portfolio. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of VettaFi makes a short-duration bond fund -- an ideal and popular parking place for cash given current market conditions -- his ETF of the Week, Ted Rossman of discusses a survey showing that it's already beginning to look a lot like Christmas as holiday shoppers get busy early in an attempt to stave off inflation this year, and, in the Market Call, Chris Armbruster, portfolio manager and senior research analyst at Kayne Anderson Rudnick talks about building concentrated portfolios and investing in mid-cap stocks